Monday, April 9, 2012


Who didn't love Star Wars? I mean, the characters were amazing ...Yoda, the StormTroopers, C3P0 and of course Chewbacca. Peep the price.


  1. 2.29 sweet deal; 2/29 was a life changing day for me, leap day/year. intergalactic. ocean & space is the place, the rhythms are different. yoko ono had an amazing portrait she posted to twitter on 2/29!/yokoono/media/slideshow?
    looks like a project i'm working on here in boston.

    NYC you should talk to @minusbaby 8•bit wild style roots deluxe. RAMMΣLLZΣΣ rapped with him nice. those C64 discs would make great de la editions :D also: maceo hit up which was one crew away from our metempsychosis days.

    see also: NYC 2012/5/25-27 Gramercy

  2. This was one of my favorite action figures as a kid. Chewbacca was always in the mix even if we were playing with G.I. Joes.